Xerox Phaser 750 Printer – A Printer Worth The Price

by garrett on March 12, 2009

Not very long ago, individuals or small businesses that wanted to get some quality print jobs needed to outsource them to highly qualified print houses, or professional shops. Today, they can simply buy the Phaser 750 printer and do their own printing in a time and cost effective way; not to mention the Xerox Phaser 750 toner makes this printer even more cost effective.

Top quality color prints and crisp black and white prints are to be expected when using the Phaser 750. Xerox has always been a reliable and solid solution for businesses and enterprises, but lately it proved that it can facilitate the in office print job and productivity even more, introducing some great models, such as the 750 or the 8550.

The Phaser 750 uses the same ink technology, featuring, though, fewer parts – drums or rollers – than other traditional laser printers of the same category. The print quality is outstanding. The 750 is able to produce very vivid and bright colors and sharp texts, denoting some particular elements, such as shadows and gradients. Both images and documents created, look particularly professional and smart.

The Phaser 750 comes with a 200MHz image processing ability; it can print 5 pages per minute in color and 16 pages in black and white, which speeds up your work significantly. It features an automated two sided printing, which is available whether you are printing on premium or normal paper. The same quality and sharp colors should be expected every single time.

One of the most practical and effective features of the Phaser 750 is the Wake me up function, which allows you to start printing within seconds, even if the printer was not in use for some times. Printer experts suggest that users should avoid using their printers without warming them up first; the 750 model does that to itself, allowing you to speed up your print jobs, ridding you of unnecessary delays. This function is particularly useful when you have loads of work early in the morning, when the printer has been idle for some serious amount of time.

Phaser 750 toner cartridges are much denser and blend easier, compared with previous Phaser models. This results in higher color quality and flexibility. The only disadvantage of the toner cartridges is that if you opt for the authentic Xerox ones, the price is relative high: they cost a little more than hundred dollars each. They are pricey but in any case you should consider that this printer is mostly used by professionals and businesses.

Xerox’s software drivers offer a truly extensive array of options, deserving kudos. The Phaser 750 color prints justify its relatively high price; once you will have your first print job done you will realize that you have a winner on your hands.

The reliable technology of the 750 model makes it an ideal choice for you business. It comes with one year warranty and extensive support, carrying the Xerox Satisfaction Guarantee. It is a printer that can meet the demands of your business. It is the fifth generation in a long series of successful models, thus, its technology is already tested and proven. The 750 communicates quality, as few printer models today. For more information, check out our site

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