Using The Xerox Phaser 860 Printer

by erin on August 26, 2010

The Xerox Phaser 860n printer is part of a host of printers with the newest technology. The printing speeds of the Phaser printer are superior. The printing output is clear and bright for the best look to anything printed from photos to documents. This device is created to be so simple you will really enjoy using it and the many features. Simple design and serious performance are the amazing features of this specific color printer.

The Phaser printer has an ability to print up to sixteen pages per minute with a delay of ten seconds the first print. Its speed is very fast. This item saves your time and money by a feature allowing you to direct jobs to the speedy print shop. If you make changes at last minute, you can still get the job completed. It provides the best possible level of productivity for any business.

The Phaser 860 printer provides you the best color quality. It produces a brilliant effect with maximum resolution of 1200 DPI or dots per inch. It is featured with high, photo quality color as well as dark and crisp looking text. For sales and marketing literature, this device provides you accurate product representations. For design proofs and comprehensives, it has consistent and accurate colors.

This product is admirable because of its simplicity. It is very simple to use and easy to install. The ease-of-use factor is because of the simple design plus is can easily be managed over a network. It is a self-direction machine. You need no knowledge of how to set and handle the printer. Phaser printer provides the best network reliability with effective tools for business printer management.

It is also featured with automatic two-sided printing which saves your paper and time. You can save money on all prints with the low ink costs per page by using this printer. The 860 printer is very easy to reload with paper and can easily have ink reloaded with little to no effort. In comparison to any other laser printer, the 860 printer has fewer parts to wear out and uses fewer consumables.

The features of this device make it quite inexpensive to operate. It is more reliable and very easy to use than other printers available in the market today. You can easily interface this model with a USB connection and a standard, serial port, connection. The compressed design of the 860 model adapts to even the smallest office space.

All media loading and paper paths are at the front of printer so you do not need to move the printer. It has the ability to hold 250 sheets which save your time of reloading papers again and again. You can also create your own beautiful cover letters, leaflets and booklets. A one year warranty is also provided on some Phaser models.

The Xerox Phaser 860 printer is designed with new age printing technology. Its printing speed is very fast as you can easily get 16 prints in a single minute. Paper holding capacity of this printer is 250 sheets. Because of its simple design, the Xerox cartridges are very easy to install and use so it is perfect for anyone.

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