Getting To Know Xerox Printers

by erin on August 19, 2010

Xerox printers have been around for many years. There are many different types of printers from basic to advanced models, as well as many different types of Xerox compatible toner.

This company manufactures and sells a wide variety of office and production equipment. A full range of printers are available among the variety of office equipment that they provide. The printers are available in both black and white and full color models.

There are many different kinds of printers available on the market. There are models that are especially designed for home use. These printers range in their level of sophistication. There are also printers designed for business use. These printers have more complicated featured and are manufactured for large scale print jobs.

Xerox printers range in price depending on the particular model. There are both color and black and white printers under the Xerox brand. Models made for home office printing have lower prices than larger office equipment. Prices range from the low end to the very high end. It depends on the quality and features of the printer.

There are several different categories of printers. The main categories include laser printers, ink jet printers, dot matrix and multifunctional printers. These computers vary in the level of technology. Laser printers and multifunctional printers involve newer technology than ink jet and dot matrix printers. These printers are also faster and provide better output.

The LED (light-emitting diode) and the LCD (liquid crystal display) printers are very similar to the laser printers. The LCD and LED printers fall under electro-photographic printers. Both types of printers use light instead of a laser to print images. When people refer to laser printers this also includes LED and LCD models. These printers share very similar print processes but LED printers use Light Emitting Diodes to create the image. And LCD uses liquid crystals. Both types of printers are known to produce high quality output.

Laser printers produce high quality print jobs in both text and graphics. The laser printer is the most common computer printer used in homes and offices. Laser printers vary in the speed of their printer output. There are some extremely fast models that can print over twelve thousand pages per hour. Laser printers have a built in laser beams that projects a photo image onto an electrically piece of equipment. This part prints the image on the paper using heat to fuse the ink to the paper.

A less advanced printer than the laser jet is the ink jet printer. Ink jet printers create text and graphic images on the pages by spraying ionized particles of ink on the paper. These printers use magnetized plates that created the desired pattern. Most ink-jet printers print in both black and white as well as color. The resolution will depend on the quality of the printer.

Xerox also offers multi-functional printers that include scanning, coping and faxing. These printers are great for home office use. It is best to shop around when buying a printer or toner. It is also important to know what you will need in a printer to make sure you select the right one that best suits your production needs.

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