Exceptional Features Of The Xerox WorkCentre Pro 635 Printer

by erin on December 8, 2010

The Xerox WorkCentre Pro 635 Printer offers an extensive list of features and a high-quality Xerox Pro 645 drum. The functions alone set this apart from the contenders. This multi-tasking device allows for quality and optimum performance. A closer look at the printer will show versatility and performance ability.

The wide range of features can give the user the tools to complete just about any task. Alfa dialing stores up to two-hundred-forty numbers which is classified as speed dial, group one touch dialing and other dialing extras. One touch dialing sends the documents to any amount of locations with any one key stroke. This eliminates having to send the same information over again to each desired number.

The high resolution of the machine gives quality photos and other documents. Group communications allow the user to send documents to as many as two-hundred-ninety different remote areas with one step. When using the manual group, it allows the user to manually enter numbers and still send documents to multiple machines.

The batching feature uses one phone call when sending documents to the same location saving costs and time. This is great for multiple document processing. The refuse junk mail only accepts from the number saved on the owners speed dial on the one touch system. Receiving extra junk mail would waste money and resources.

A great bonus is the “receive to memory” option. This automatically stores up to one hundred received items in case of any unplanned problem such as no paper or power outage. The control centre is a package that can be downloaded on a computer and allows the user to program most settings by means of PC.

Some of the hardware includes an output tray that collects the document and also has an extension to support large documents. Storage Document guides and control panel buttons are standard with any purchase. Some other components include an extra paper tray, modem, handset, and additional memory. These can be purchased for additional fees.

Many other units can be extremely pricey and difficult to understand. This leaves the clients who feel that they are somewhat behind in the technology with an instrumental task. Having the easy to read buttons and applications give an edge to the printer.

The numerous tasks the machine can perform include sending, receiving, printing and copying. For maximum performance the machine should be left on always. The main battery will store any programmed information for up to five years. If there is no power, data is saved for two hours, sometimes an extra hour based on other terms.

The ability to perform and provide quality work when needed is what any buyer really looks for. The extensive range of features provides a use for anyone from business to home personal use. The machine has a simple yet effective design and easy follow manual. The ability to program the unit on a personal PC is helpful for those that prefer that option. The Xerox WorkCentre Pro 635 Printer w/ Xerox WorkCentre Pro toner cartridges stands up to durability, practicality and of course the price is exceptional for the extensive features.

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