Xerox Workcentre M15 – A Printing Revolution

by adam on September 18, 2009

They say that good things always come in small packages. That holds true for the Xerox WorkCentre M15 toner as well. It is one of those products which the capability of producing to sided printers as well as copier; something which is only associated with larger sized machine.

The Xerox Work Centre M15 is a much smaller yet much more capable and powerful office utility option. The most common advantage that the Xerox Work Centre M15 provides is that it uses minimum of time in completing large and complex jobs with minimal of effort.

The user does not have to worry about the load factor while the job is completed quickly as the machine uses all its available resources optimally in order to complete the task without much of an effort.

To an extent the Xerox Work Centre M15 contributes optimally in ensuring that the users or employees are able to increase their productivity at the same time also contribute in saving some money for the company with the use of M15.

The Xerox Work Centre M15 offers unique features of a Laser Printer as well as a Photo Copier. It is one of those machines which does not burn a hole in the buyer’s pockets and is very cost effective both in terms of its pricing as well as the options that it provides to its users.

Apart from these the machine also has various other important features which you can find very rarely in other machines in the market. The M15 is has the capability of delivering 16 pages per minute with two side printing option.

It also offers a bypass tray which can be used for approximately 100 no’s envelopes or other media’s. Alternatively it also delivers 1200 dpi image enhanced resolution results ensuring that there is minimum or no loss or cropping of picture that is being either printed or being copied.

Some of the other unique or advanced features of the Xerox Work Centre M15 are that it offers it users to use multiple printing sizes options. The users can also use the electronic collation option of the machine which helps them in saving the time and effort of manually sorting the documents that are printed or copied. The hardware is designed in such a manner especially the cover that tasks like making copies of books becomes relatively easy. It is an ideal solution for business establishments as it combines the printer along with fax as well as copier.

With the Xerox Work Centre M15 printer, one can save a lot of money by buying just one hardware, which apart from the money saved also helps in clearing up the space requirement, something which comes at a premium in most of the cities around the world. Apart from this the machine is so simple to use that a single person can operate it without much of a hassle. Most of the user of the Xerox Work Centre M15 point out that despite being put to test and heavy use, the printer is so capable that service requirement especially for break downs has been very rare. The toner cartridge works great.

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