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by adam on October 27, 2009

The Xerox WorkCentre Pro 128 printer is a multi-functional printer that offers not only high-quality printing, but also has a fax function, Internet fax, E-mail, scanning, and copying capabilities. If you are searching for a new printer for your office, choosing one that does more than just printing might be a good choice.  This printer saves money and space while offering amazing quality with the use of Xerox WorkCentre Pro 128 Printer Toner.
The features that do save money are the EA (Emulsion Aggregation) toner, which has a long fuser life and is extremely dependable offering less waste over time. The Internet fax function of the Pro 128 printer can eliminate toll calls and therefore save money with no worries about getting a busy signal. The scanning function lets you quickly distribute documents anywhere in the world and this definitely saves money on the cost of mailings.

The copier has the ability to make two-sided copies automatically, which saves money on buying paper and is good for the environment. The ‘negative image feature’ of the printer means that the background of the black and white images uses less toner. The printer is graded with Energy Star Compliance meaning you save money on energy costs.

There is a feature called ‘multiple-up’ prints, which means there are multiple pages printed on just one sheet and that, of course, saves paper. The fax function has a feature called delayed send fax allowing the fax to be sent at a later time when the phone rates are lower. The speed of the fax, which is 33 Kbps, makes the length of phone calls sending faxes a shorter time and saves money on the phone bill. Another way the faxes are faster is the JBIG Compression that makes 20 to 80 percent efficiency in compressing which translates to a shorter time to transmit faxes.

One of the features of the Pro 128 printer that saves work time in the office is the speed at which the page will print.  This is done in six seconds per page, which means there is a lot less time waiting for your print job to print out. There is a memory function that allows for programming in commonly used documents into the printer so that the user can quickly pull up their document.  These means you can access the memory for your document and then press start rather than hunt up the originals each time. This does save a lot of time.

The supplies that are consumable like the Xerox WorkCentre Pro 128 toner last a long time and are designed so that they can be replaced quickly with no need to wait on a service call. Another time saving feature is the transparency separators that make it possible to place dividers between pages and this creates hard copy sets ready for handout all in one operation.

The unique feature of the ‘Interrupt’ will make it possible for a small little copy job to print even though there is a big project in the system. The system of the printer will quickly print out valuable reports about the operation of the system like the fax mode setting, billing meters and system data.

When doing reports, to save time the covers are able to feed through as the front or the back from a different media tray. This is either one-sided or two-sided printing or can be with or without any printing.

No matter the mode used with this printer, the Xerox WorkCentre Pro 128 toner provides prints that will astonish.  The clarity provided by quality Xerox WorkCentre Series Toner is second to none.  You will find that online toner replacement is often your best option.  Their great prices only add to the overall savings provided by this printer.

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