Xerox WorkCentre Pro 133 – One Machine That Can Do It All

by garrett on December 20, 2009

The Xerox WorkCentre Pro 133 printer is reliable, efficient and fast. It’s what every office environment strives for. No standing around the copier, waiting and wondering where your print job is. This printer/copier produces smudge free, beautiful copies using Xerox WorkCentre Pro 133 printer cartridge. There are pages of printing at a top speed of 33 pages every 60 seconds. It’s a copier and printer; however, optional fax, scanning and email capabilities are available.

Product Overview: It can handle resolutions of up to 1,200 dpi and 256 grayscale. Even with this type of clarity, your first page will shoot out in 4.5 seconds or less. Load up to 3,100 sheets of paper, in varying sizes, in the WorkCentre Pro 133’s five paper trays, and that includes the convenient bypass tray. Add it up and that’s about 110 pounds of media to handle anything you throw at it. Monthly duty cycle is approximately 125,000 sheets. Single and dual stapling adds to this machine’s versatility. With the scanning option, you scan once, but you can order up as many copies as you like.

Get the Competitive Edge

Xerox has always been synonymous with superior copier technology and the WorkCentre Pro 133 is no exception. This premier machine is packed with world-class Xerox technology, including the latest in scanning capabilities. Scan documents anywhere – to a file, to your computer, directly to email or a mailbox in the system. Scan to your FTP site quickly and easily. It will fax securely, and for extra peace of mind, you’ll enjoy disk image overwrite protection and encrypted data transmission.

Even when the machine is churning out other work, you can program and/or scan in advance. Other print jobs can be stored in the print to mailbox function. Just bring them up when it’s time to print. The simple display will list print requests on the job queue so you can anticipate when your job will be done. The WorkCentre Pro 133 eliminates a lot of hassle and headaches commonly associated with poorly operating copiers and printers in the office.

Features That Reduce Cost:

Scanning: Scan and send anyone on the planet. No need to send couriers or wait for the mail.

High Speed Fax: Less time on the line at 33 kilobytes per second send speed

Delayed Send Fax: Pre-program your fax to go through during off hours.

Internet Fax: You’ll never hear a busy signal again plus no toll charges on
your telephone.

Multiple-Up: This allows many pages to be squeezed onto one with significant savings on paper.

Auto 2-sided Copying: Use both sides of the page and cut paper by 50%

Negative Image: Detailed black and white printing and copies use less toner

Energy Star Compliant: Green technology saves energy.

Features That Save Time

You’ll love the six second turn around from the time your order your job to the first sheet to exit the machine. If you have repeat jobs that you call up frequently, they can be stored in memory for instant recall. Bring up your original document and go. The transparency separator will automatically separate your pages with a divider so your hard copy packages are good to go.

Interrupt other users in the queue for small jobs that need instant attention with the touch of a button. Gather internal machine information, such as fax reports, billing meters and other system data easily. With scan speeds of 50 pages every minute, you’ll be waiting less and working more with your Xerox WorkCentre Pro 133.

Functioning as a true partner in your business, this printer specializes in gorgeous prints using Xerox WorkCentre Pro 133 toner. The use of Xerox cartridge is always a good choice for the highest quality prints. Keep an extra toner around for when your busy time hits and you’ll always meet your client goals.

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