Xerox WorkCentre Pro 765 Toner – Just What You Need In Your Office

by garrett on October 28, 2009

Many people are choosing a Xerox WorkCentre Pro 765 printer because it has many benefits over others in the market. I want to tell you the reasons behind their choice and how this printer and the superior Xerox WorkCentre Pro 765 printer toner cartridge can benefit you.

The first benefit I wish to tell you about is the fact that it is so easy to use. You do not have to worry about learning new technologies as the functions can be picked up quickly.

There are many functions that this work center has to offer. This machine is not only able to print, but also to fax, phone, and scan anything you wish. With the functionality of this machine you can learn its operations with the simple user guide and not waste time learning the various, often complicated, instructions of multiple machines.

If you are short on space, or wish to de-clutter your office whether at work or home, you will be able to get rid of extra machines and have the additional functions of this workstation with all the latest in technology. You can ensure that you are able to keep your filing and whatever you wish in some of the space occupied by many different machines, in addition to not having wiring all over the place.

The memory of the Pro 765 is 70 pages that you can have waiting to be printed; this will save you a lot of time in which you are able to do other things that you wish. Whether copying or printing, you will be able to complete your job at 12 pages a minute. Some of the machines used in offices nowadays cannot boast this effectiveness. The modem that is used with the fax will be able to work at excellent speeds also, 33.6 kb each second. And the pages can be scanned at 1.2 seconds per page.

You will be able to hold 1,650 pieces of paper in the machine and this means less time re-filling when doing big projects. Being able to hold so many pieces will mean that you will not have to put up with the jamming problems that you have with other printers that can cause damage as well as a lot of inconvenience to boot. You also do not have to keep refilling in-between printing sessions so you don’t have to keep checking on the machine as you will know it is still printing efficiently.

When you have to fax the pages do not have to keep being fed manually as you will be able to leave up to 50 sheets to go through without interruption. This will leave you free to continue to get on with other things you need to.

If you wish to get as well as send information without having the risk of other people getting hold of it, you are able to do so via encryption. The way they can do this is by sub-addressing and he also has department codes not to mention ITU.

You will also be able to use software with your PC and scan the documents so that you get them directly to paper or you can have them be sent straight to your computer to store or distribute.

There is a lot of versatility to be had with this printer, however, there is one thing that will remain consistent no matter which function is used. That is the quality of the prints using Xerox WorkCentre Pro 765 toner. It’s an easy decision to use dependable Xerox toner cartridge for all your prints and an even easier decision to go with Qtoner for your replacement needs!

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