Xerox WorkCentre Pro 785 – The Best Machine For The Home Office

by adam on November 16, 2009

The Xerox WorkCentre Pro 785 printer is much more than just a printer. It is a multi-functional, highly advanced machine that takes care of many office needs all from the same machine. This multifunctional system is user friendly with a four-line, eighty-character LCD display, direct feature access, front loading universal trays for either letter size, legal size or A4. The speed of this printer is twelve pages per minute and each page is startlingly clear with the use of Xerox WorkCentre Pro 785 toner.
Another function of the WorkCentre Pro 785 is the fax capabilities. There is fax to e-mail or fax to Internet with e-mail compliance of SMTP, ESMTP, POP3. Each fax sent will receive a confirmation message delivery and disposition. The fax productivity is excellent for workgroups that are larger, with between sixteen and twenty-five users. The speed of the fax is three seconds per page with the latest technologies including two fast modems, for fax to e-mail capabilities or network printing.

This is the latest in innovative technology and offers a dual-line 33.6 Kbps fax handling system with JBIG compression for the most efficient, top-quality transmissions possible. The most amazing capability is the 700-page memory with an incredibly fast twelve ppm that not only saves time because of the speed but also saves money. All this is very simple to use and easy to use with the included software ControlCentre as part of the system.

The ControlCentre software that is part of this package helps to make the set-up of the machine easy, programming all the settings and phonebooks right from your PC. With the ControlCentre software right on your PC you are able to easily change the settings of the WorkCentre.

The telephone lines can be set up, the settings for the fax can be chosen, the Phonebook of One Touch is easily set up, and your numbers can be put on group speed dial or speed dial. The ControlCentre also affords you the ability to get fast help on any individual feature or task.

Another function of the WorkCentre Pro 785 is the copier. Not only is using the copy feature easy, but you will be able to print up to 99 copies. There are choices in settings when you make your copies allowing you to choose the contrast, reduction, resolution and collating. Making copies is very easy and all you have to do is put the original document face down, press all the settings you want, select the number of copies, and press start.

The resolutions that are available for the copy function are slightly different from the faxing resolutions. For copying, you can select fine, superfine, fine photo and superfine photo. The scanner has a resolution of 400 x 400 dpi.

In review, the main benefits of the WorkCentre Pro 785 are the network printing of twelve pages per minute plus the convenience of copying, the fax memory that holds seven-hundred pages, the built-in JBIG compression and two modems, the tray in the front that holds five-hundred fifty sheets of standard paper with the expandable option of extra trays, and the fast 1.2 seconds of span speed per sheet.

With all that this printer offers you would expect to find exceptional clarity in the end product and that’s exactly what you receive when using Xerox WorkCentre Pro 785 toner.  The high quality produced by using Xerox toner is always desirable and in this day when money can be an issue, it’s good to know there are companies like Qtoner, available to ship quickly and provide a great price on replacements!

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