Yes, Dinosaurs, Unicorns, and Dragons Are Mentioned In the Bible

by Bridget on September 17, 2012

One of the biggest backlashes from the atheist community regarding the Bible and it being taken literally is the phenomenon of dinosaurs in the Bible as well as Unicorns. So, where are dinosaurs and unicorns in the Bible? There are many passages that describe dinosaur like creatures as well as unicorns. It’s important however, to remember that this text was written thousands of years ago and in a different language. References, beliefs, and languages all account for the descriptions and words encountered in not just the Bible but any ancient text.

Dinosaurs In The Bible

The word dinosaur was actually never used in the Bible. This is due to the fact that the word “dinosaur” did not exist until 1841; the King James translation came out in 1611. Therefore in the original text there was no mention of dinosaurs. Job makes reference to a “behemoth” but not to a dinosaur. So it all comes into interpretation. When it comes to putting dinosaurs in the Bible, creationists are trying to account for dinosaurs as it fits in with the creationist view of how the world was formed. They do not believe the world to be billions of years old, so therefore dinosaurs had to exist much later than that in order to fit into the age of the earth purported by those who subscribe to creationist theory.

Unicorns In The Bible

When it comes to the mention of unicorns in the Bible, there are many reasons for this. The term unicorn strictly means just one horn. When these texts were written there were animals with 1 horn, the rhinoceros as well as narwhals. In fact the actual depiction of a unicorn being a white horse with a horn on it didn’t appear until around 600C.E. to 1500C.E. Therefore, the original mention of unicorn must have meant a rhinoceros.

There Be Dragons In The Bible

Dragons have been mentioned throughout the texts. There is discrepancy regarding what dragons really meant. Some will argue that because at that time dinosaurs did exist that dragons are part of the dinosaur family. However, others believe that the term dragon was purported onto over exaggerative explanations of giant crocodiles. Crocodiles also represented the Egyptians. It’s important to not only remember the time in which these texts were written and what they knew of the animal world, but also when they were translated and ideas and beliefs at that time. There were wide beliefs surrounding unicorns and dragons during some of the translation periods, which is why these terms end up in translations of the ancient texts.

Atheists and creationists will always be at battle, as will those who believe in the theory of evolution. Although it’s true that there are plenty of references to dinosaurs in the Bible, there is more to the story. This also goes for the mention of unicorns in the Bible. It’s very important when reading and evaluating these texts to remember the context in which they were written in as well as the context and cultural background of those translating them.

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