You Shouldn’t Put It Off Right Up Until The Last Minute

by garrett on April 1, 2010

Whether an individual is a first time passport applicant, renewing an existing passport, replacing a lost or stolen passport, or correcting incorrect passport data, the passport application form will not be that hard to fill out. There will be some hoops to jump through, but they will not be on fire. Form DS-11 is the application form that needs to be filled out for all these situations and it can be found online.

Since passports are documentation for international travel, there are some stipulations individuals must follow. For instance, Form DS-11 can be found online and, though individuals have the ability to fill it out online, it must be submitted in person with additional documentation to make certain the identity of an individual. Individuals have the choice to submit the form at an Acceptance Facility or a Passport Agency.

A Passport Acceptance Facility is a government run facility, sponsored by the Department of State’s Bureau of Consular Affairs, Office of Passport Services and Customer Service. This is still rather vague, since most of us are not familiar with government offices, but places such as post offices and libraries tend to fit under this office. By going online, individuals can find their nearest Passport Acceptance Facility.

Specific Passport Agencies can also be found online, but with these agencies, individuals must make appointments. Those who are in a hurry to get their passport due to a departure from the country in the near future should consider a passport expediting service. Under certain circumstances, these services can issue an individual a passport on the same day the individual requested it.

There are some extra documents that an individual must bring with the Form DS-11. For example, a proof of U.S. citizenship, proof of identity, two recent color photographs will be needed to acquire a passport for any of the reasons listed above. As well as all this documentation, an individual will need to pay fees. The list of fees can be found online.

The most common proof of U.S. citizenship that people use is their birth certificate, though there are still other forms that individuals may use. For identification, a valid driver’s license is the most popular form, though again, there are other forms that will also be accepted. There are many stipulations for the photographs that need to be presented, so it would be wise to go online to understand these.

Form DS-11 itself is not that difficult to fill out, as it is very similar to most other governmental documentation. The passport application form will ask the typical things of names and social security, and then some deeper questions about family and previous names or addresses. Overall, the form should not take very long to fill out, though some individuals may find that they need to look for some of the information, so filling the form out last minute should be avoided.

Passports are necessary for traveling abroad, but all individuals should request for a passport as it is a form of identification that is accepted by many institutions. Those that think they may not be traveling abroad anytime soon might actually get thrown a curveball and may find themselves purchasing an international plane ticket. These are reasons why it would be good to fill out a passport application form now, for the sake of just in case.

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