Your Stolen U. S. Passport Can Be Easily Remedied

by garrett on October 11, 2011

It can be scary when you realize what happened. Stolen U. S. Passports or official travel documentation of any kind can affect your travel if it happens overseas. Even if it was stolen in the United States, it is a situation that you want to rectify and that can be easily done.

If Stolen During Travel

You are going to need to notify the U. S. Consulate or Embassy offices if the theft happened while you were traveling outside the country. You can find a list of those offices online by country and region of the world. It is a good idea to have their location and phone number with you if you are overseas,regardless of an occurrence that may not happen. If it does, you certainly don’t need to be searching for a remedy.

Passport Status

It is necessary to affirm whether or not your documentation was valid when it was stolen. You can easily do this online with just a little information. Your last name, with or without hyphens or suffixes, your birth date and the final four digits of your social security number are all that’s required.

Invalid Passports

It will have to be reported, even if it is not valid, but you are likely to want another passport. You can check the status of its validity online. In fact, if you decide to reapply for more documentation, you can do so once your application has been made within the following five to seven days.

If Stolen In U.S.

Your stolen documents can be reported by using a toll free number designated by the U. S. State Department and once it has been reported, it will be nullified. They can be reached during regular weekday business hours with the exception of federal holidays. Automated information is available at any time. You can also email them and expect a response within 24 hours. You will need to reach them by telephone if it is an emergency travel situation.

Form DS-64

To simply report the theft, you will need Form DS-64. It can be mailed to the care of U. S. State Department offices in Washington, D. C. Once received,they will track the information you reported. Should your documentation later be recovered for you, mail it to the same office. You may request that your passport be released so that it is again valid, in which case they’ll return it to you. It will be destroyed if you do not request its validation for use.

You are probably going to want a replacement passport, which will be no problem. You will still need to provide Form DS-64 to report the theft. You will also need to file Form DS-11, which is the application package for your documentation replacement. You can turn these forms in with your full application package at any passport acceptance facility or agency.

Your stolen U. S. passport application doesn’t have to interfere with your travel. Just a small amount of time and a minimum amount of effort can rectify the problem. It won’t take much to get you out into the world again.

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