Samsung CLX 2160 N – A Small Printer That Doesn’t Shrink Your Wallet

by garrett on April 21, 2009

The CLX-2160N is one best and most recent offerings from Samsung. It’s a multifunction unit which means it can do more things than just print. In addition to being able to print in full color, it also scans and copies in color. It packs a lot of power into such a small footprint. In fact, it’s one of the smallest of its kind in the world today. Printers that do more things than just print are known affectionately as MFP devices.  Also check out Samsung CLX 2160 N toner.

MFP stands for multi-function printer. The unit is a very solid and dependable workhorse for printing, scanning and copying. The one thing it doesn’t do is fax. We’ll explain why further below. The Samsung name is synonymous with high quality electronics. Just because it’s a small package at a low price doesn’t mean it’s a cheap product. Certainly, Samsung has more expensive models that do everything but make your breakfast for you but this little baby does all the basics and does them well. The N at the end of the model name means it’s network compatible. Plug it into a router or switch and everyone can share it. Nice going Samsung!!

Samsung Printer Toner

The printer is an inexpensive entry into the color scanner/printer/copier market but don’t forget about the toner – the consumables. Toner is the powdery substance that comes inside something called a cartridge. In the copying/printing process, an electrostatic charge is placed across the paper and super hot electric filament melts the toner in very price locations. Put all those locations together and you’ve got text or a picture or whatever you’re printing/copying.

Color Laser in a Samsung CLX 2160N printer

A black and white printer/copier uses a single color toner. Guess what color it is? Good for you. Black’s the right answer. But color printers have 3 more toner colors. Do you know what those are? In layman’s terms, they could be described as blue, yellow and red. The names used in the printing business are a lot cooler. Instead of blue, you have Cyan. You get the picture. Some older printers use a single cartridge for each color. In a unit this small, the colors come in a single package. This printer punches out documents at 4ppm in A4, (that’s the size of the paper). That’s a very respectable number for a printer of this size. Times vary between mono (B&W) and color mode. Mono is much faster at 14 seconds from start to finish. Color takes longer. 26 seconds round trip.

The importance in scanner functioning, and the function it has on the Samsung CLX 2160N

Scanning is another way to describe paperless printing. You put what you want to ‘scan’ into the document feeder. Push a button and voila. The scanner function copies the page into a digital image. Now you see on your screen what’s on the paper—in full color. This little baby does 1200×500 which gives you a very detailed, very sharp image. Output can be sent to USB/Folder/Application or the network. In other words, you can send the image anywhere you want to send it.

The importance of copy in the CLX 2160N Samsung

The copy has two different speeds. Slow and fast. Sorry, just joking. One speed is for Color and the other for mono (black and white). Again, the speeds are very similar to the printing function. In color mode you get 4ppm for an A4 sized document. In B&W you get 16ppm for an A4 document. These are pretty impressive numbers for a machine of this size. Measuring from a standing start figuratively speaking, you wait 18 and 45 seconds respectively for the first copy to print out.

Fax function lacking in the CLX-2160N Samsung

Sorry. Samsung just couldn’t fit the fax function into the little guy. Fax needs a little more space and Samsung wanted to keep this machine at the size you see it now. Plus, faxing costs a bit more and they wanted to keep the price at this point too. Hey, you can always scan and email an image to a fax forwarding service. They’re dirt cheap and incredibly persistent if the person you want to send a fax to has one of those on/off fax machines.

How much is a Samsung CLX-2160N printer

It’s your lucky day. Although this unit is more expensive than your average printer, for what it does and considering its small footprint (remember, it always costs more to make something smaller than bigger), You get everything above for a very reasonable retail price of USD$420. And look on the bright side. Samsung sells unit that do pretty much the same thing for a lot more $$$.

How much for a Samsung CLX-2160N toner

Buying a toner separately will cost you around USD $20. The all in one set of rainbow toners for this particular unit will set you back around USD$70. Remember that there are a lot of web stores out there that have more competitive prices than your local business supply shop. Shop around for the best deal. Finally, remember that Samsung is constantly bringing out new products. This particular Samsung is one of many of this year’s newest models. For more information check out our site

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